About us


Offering the most accommodation in the Masai Mara

This serene place is on the slopes of Ollolamuita Hills offering magnificient views across eastern reaches of the park Our camp is 1 km from the Ololaimutia Gate and 7 km from the Sekenani Gate.

Our campsite has 70 rooms with option of single, double, triple and family occupancy; 30 stone-walled rooms for guests with children(security concerns.) and the remaining units are tented ideal for travelers looking to experience the wild. The rooms, which are constructed to best blend with the milieu of the Masai Mara, are fronted by a private veranda ideal for relaxing and giving one the feeling of truly experiencing the tranquility of the bush.


The camp fits nicely into the natural Mara environment of Oloolaimuita hills, and offers unique opportunities to interact with nature. With us, your Mara experience will be extraordinary and fulfilling since with our years of experience and service delivery in the field(20+ years); we are the best in the region.
Even after returning from a day out on safari the feeling of wilderness will be maintained. Hot water shower in the camp is produced environmentally friendly by a photovoltaic plant which ensures that you can relax and enjoy the natural sounds of the environment.
Due to the high elevation, the camp is situated at 1,850 meters above sea level, there is a pleasant climate with warm days and cool nights. All our tents have en-suite bathrooms equipped with safari showers, hand wash basins, flush toilets. This is where you can relax and let pass by your impressions collected during an eventful day on safari. Other activities offered are, hot-air balloon flights, visit to masai Village, day trips to Lake Victoria, scenic flights around the Masai Mara and much more.