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Beyond the roads
lies a world of limitless possibilities and unforgettable adventure .

We are an exclusive tented camp for those who want a true wild experience. The camp is situated within the Masai Mara Eco-system and near Ololaimutia Gate near sopa lodge and 230kms from Nairobi.  

Our packages seamlessly blend the thrill of the Maasai Mara game drives with the comfort and luxury of our accommodations, creating an all-encompassing safari adventure that caters to your every need

Rhino Tourist Camp

Come, embrace the wild, and discover a world where nature reigns supreme and extraordinary memories are born by experiencing the true essence of a wilderness adventure and indulge in unforgettable wilderness accommodations .

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Our Tented Accommodation Packages

Single Room

A single room with one bed. Accommodate 1 person or a couple

Double Room

A rooms with two beds. Can accommodate 2 people

Triple Room

A room with three beds and accommodates three persons

Family Room

A rooms with four beds that can accommodate a whole family

Exclusive Camp Night Bonfire

Embrace the opportunity to forge meaningful connections and networks under the starry sky at our night campfire bonfire , where new friendships blossom, and connections expand beyond the boundaries of a typical tour

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single-room rhino tourist camp
camp entrance maasai mara
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Upcoming Tours & Destination

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure as we unveil our upcoming tour and travel park in the breathtaking landscapes of Maasai Mara. Brace yourself for a remarkable journey that will immerse you in the rich tapestry of wildlife, vibrant cultures, and awe-inspiring natural wonders that define this diverse region

Our Amenities

Massage Parlour

Our wellness massage parlor has professional masseurs ready to make you relax after a long drive.

Serene Restaurant

We have a spacious restaurant inside the camp that serves exquisite African dishes

Exquisite Bar

Our bar has a variety of drinks for persons of all ages thus suitable for a whole family.

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